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You don’t have to accept what the insurance company offers! We handle any vehicle accident whether it involves a car, truck, 18 wheeler, or motorcycle. Only a percentage of auto accident victims contact a lawyer for assistance. Most simply take the little amount of money the insurance company gives them, even if it does not cover their bills, vehicle replacement or ongoing expenses. A car accident attorney can put pressure on an insurance company to provide additional money and can also guide a lawsuit against the insurance company as well as those responsible for the damage increasing the reward amount. If the accident was caused by a part failure, an accident attorney can also help in suing a vehicle and/or parts manufacturer.

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Partnering with attorneys nationwide to assist with bucket truck litigation. Attorney Samuel A. Cherry, Jr. has been Lead Trial Attorney against the bucket truck manufacturers in more cases involving electrocution, death or injuries than any lawyer in the United States.

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Under the Influence Drivers and Distracted Drivers Injure and Kill Daily in America According to the U.S. Department of Transportation someone is killed in an alcohol-related traffic accident every 40 minutes! Thousands more people are injured. Theoretically every single DUI or DWI accident is an avoidable accident. These accidents do not have to happen and no one has to be killed or injured. Our lawyers who represent driving accident victims are aggressive and fearless. You do not want to be on the other side facing us!

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Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. No one ever goes to a medical facility expecting to become further injured, become sicker or even die by negligence. Negligence from nursing home, hospital and medical clinic nurses and staff also result in thousands of people going through undue suffering each year. Nursing homes and hospitals are famous for the spread of Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff) infections that can cause death or gastric problems for the rest of the infected person’s life.

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The lawyers at Cherry and Irwin have experience with product liability cases. Sam Cherry, in our Dothan, Alabama office, was instrumental in driving product reforms for aerial lift manufacturers after representing a client’s family who was killed. Sam Cherry is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a prestigious trial lawyer organization of attorneys who have won million or multi-million dollar settlements in personal injury cases.

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The loss of a loved one for any reason is bad enough, but grief and anger can be compounded knowing that the loved one did not have to die but was killed due to the negligence of another person, corporation or government. Examples of incidents that can result in a wrongful death can be murder, withholding life-saving treatment or providing incorrect medications, misdiagnosing medical conditions, car wrecks, DUI accidents, defective products, lack of safety precautions and lack of danger warnings.

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Workplace injuries range from hurt joints to broken bones and even death. Injuries can result from repetitive activity that wear down parts of the body over time causing the need for surgeries or medical rehabilitation.

Construction and industrial jobs are especially demanding and fraught with potential hazards. Many companies routinely cut corners and often employees or people who happen to be in the vicinity become victims. Workplace accident lawsuits usually require the guidance of someone knowledgeable in the thousands of laws, rules and regulations that govern the industry.

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Are you suffering side-effects from a medication you took?

The Food and Drug Administration has a rigorous testing process that all medications are supposed to go through prior to being sold to the general public either by prescription or over the counter. Drug manufacturers can spend millions of dollars developing a medication, therefore they have a vested interest in making sure the drug is approved for sale. Sometimes drug safety tests are not conducted properly, do not have a large enough control group or information is simply ignored. This can lead to unsafe drugs being placed on the market and people becoming ill or killed.

A Few Medications Under Litigation:
Transvaginal Mesh,Wellbutrin,Yaz/Yasmin,Zoloft
Z-Pak (Zithromax)

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