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    Talk to one of our attorneys before you talk to an insurance company. What you innocently say can affect your settlement.


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    Litigation of an accident involving a big rig can get complicated quickly. Anyone involved in this type of accident should consult an attorney.


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    Specializing in helping individuals charged with: Burglary, Robbery, Drug related offenses, Murder, DUI, and Theft


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    Benjamin Irwin, an experienced rider, understands that bike accidents can cause devastating injuries and knows how to help.


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    Time is of the essence in wrongful death lawsuits. There are time limits to how long it can be after the death before a lawsuit can be filed.


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    Samuel A. Cherry
    Samuel Cherry has four decades of law experience and is nationally acclaimed for verdicts and settlements in products liability cases.


    Benjamin A. Irwin
    Ben Irwin is the Managing Partner and founding member of Cherry & Irwin. He was the youngest commissioner ever elected in Dale County, Alabama.
    Christine Irwin
    Christine received her Juris Doctorate at the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law and is admitted to practice in all Alabama State Courts.
    Peter Havas
    Pete attained his Juris Doctorate from Mississippi College, opened a law firm in Mobile in 2004 and then returned to the Wiregrass to practice law at Cherry & Irwin.
    Blaine Stevens
    Blaine is permitted to practice in Federal Courts including the United States Supreme Court.



    Cal Whaley
    Mr. Whaley received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alabama School of Law.



    Christopher Williams
    Mr. Williams received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alabama School of Law.



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    Cherry & Irwin attorneys have collectively handled over 10,000 cases with over $160 million in settlements.


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    Our attorneys have over 150 years combined experience litigating well over 10,000 cases and winning more than $160 million dollars.



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    Every state has placed a statute of limitations on lawsuits. Some time limits are short (as little as six months) while others are longer depending on the type of case.


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    If the driver causing the vehicle accident was under the influence of a substance you may win punitive damages.

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Malignant mesothelioma is a form of cancer that develops in the protective lining that covers the lungs and is most commonly caused by exposure to asbestos or erionite (a mineral found in gravel in the western United States and used in road surfacing). In the majority of cases the deadly cancer manifests itself many years after contaminants are breathed into the lungs, but there have been reported cases of children developing the disease. Sometimes family members also develop cancer due to being exposed to fibers brought home on a worker's clothing.

Asbestos was identified as causing illness as long ago as the 1920's. However, corporations and companies continued exposing their employees to this deadly pathogen by continuing to manufacture asbestos until 2002! These employees are now becoming older and mesothelioma is causing severe health problems and death, terminating lives just when men and women are starting to enjoy retirement, families and grandchildren, thus robbing generations of fond memories and good times. Contact Cherry and Irwin today if you or a loved one has developed this cancer.

The average person dies within twelve months of diagnosis, even after extensive treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. As many as 3,000 people die from mesothelioma each year in the United States.

Since the 1920's thousands of lawsuits have been filed against companies due to contaminant exposure. Many people have won awards that have helped with bills and expenses while families have been able to obtain justice for the loss of loved ones. Contact Cherry and Irwin today if you or a loved one has developed this cancer. There is no charge to file a lawsuit and you will not owe a fee if you do not win.

The lawyers at Cherry and Irwin have successfully litigated cases for clients suffering from lung diseases and have won millions of dollars for them.

Don't procrastinate! Contact the attorneys of Cherry and Irwin in Dothan, Alabama right away. 


New Type of Patients

More people are now developing cancers that are being traced to exposures in their own homes or workplaces. As home remodels are completed and work areas disturbed long dormant asbestos can be inhaled and cause cancer throughout the body and result in death. These victims can be young or middle-age adults! Read this recent news article about a "third wave" of asbestos victims.



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