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Driving is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Whether it is a few hundred pound motorcycle, thousand pound car or several ton truck, our vehicles can become dangerous, even deadly, weapons if not handled appropriately. Aggressive driving cases and their corresponding road rage incidents are on the rise and the victims deserve compensation and justice. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines aggressive driving as "committing a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property." The Insurance Information Institute estimates that aggressive driving was a factor in over half of all fatal accidents between 2003 and 2007. According to the National Safety Council, aggressive driving can include frequent lane changes, running yellow and red lights, speeding and tailgating. Of course, all of these actions are inherently dangerous in the first place, but they can lead to other drivers becoming upset, exhibiting road rage and you becoming a victim.

One of the most common aggressive driving actions is speeding. Its economic impact is estimated at $40 billion per year in fines, tickets, vehicle repairs, lost work, medical bills and funeral costs. Speeders can instigate road rage activity when "pushing" other vehicles out of their way by tailgating and turning on high beams.

Respect for other drivers is the first step to stopping aggressive driving. Plan ahead, so speeding is not necessary to make appointments or to be on time for work to prevent aggressive driving on your part. A step you can take to protect yourself against aggressive drivers is to practice defensive driving. Rather than continue to frustrate a tailgater, take the high road and, if safe to do so, pull over to let them pass. Take extra precautions at intersections by assuming that someone will try to make it through an intersection in the last half-second of a yellow light.

The aggressive driver lawyers at Cherry & Irwin would like to help you if you have become a victim of an aggressive driver or road rage incident. Although the offending driver may also face criminal penalties, our attorneys can work to help you recover monetary damages to compensate you for lost time at work, vehicle repairs and possibly even pain and suffering in certain cases. Most of our road rage cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means you will not need to pay our attorney fees until you win your case.

Don't procrastinate! Contact the aggressive driving and road rage attorneys of Cherry and Irwin in Dothan, Alabama right away.



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